The Udder Media Company | Radio Imaging
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Radio Imaging

Make your station stand out with cost effective imaging

Complete imaging & audio branding for your station.

We’ve been branding radio stations since the year 2000, it’s what we do, we live and breath audio.

Udder Media can work with your radio station no mater how big or small you are. From large commercial stations, through to community radio and hospital radio stations. We can find the most cost effective solutions to make your station sound fresh and exciting.

We can produce one off sweepers to full station packages, we can even be used on a monthly retainer basis. For a one off fee each month we can handle all of your imaging and commercial production. Leaving you more time to manage your station.



From one off packages to full monthly imaging retainers. We can help your radio station sound amazing.


We have access to some of the best voice overs in the business.

No Templates

We don't use pre-built imaging, we create every production from scratch.


Udder Media are constantly working with radio stations large and small who are looking at sounding different to rest of the guys on the dial. From monthly updating imaging retainers to one-off rebrands, from broadcasters on the other side of the world to community radio stations, we look into every aspect of your radio station, from the music you play to your type of audience you broadcast to and create a sound that compliments your brand.

The Udder Media content team spend all day, every day creating audio branding for radio stations. Whether you’re wanting a completely new sound, or maybe a new package for your radio show or presenter, we can create the perfect package at the right price. So get in touch and let’s chat.