The Udder Media Company | Community radio station imaging
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Community radio station imaging

We will make you sound as professional as every other station on the dial

We know what it’s like running a community radio station.

Our staff at some point have worked in a community radio station. And we understand how hard it can be, you have a massive list of tasks to do and a very small budget to work with.

Udder Media was actually set up to help small scale, community radio stations, RSL’s and Hospital Radio station’s sound as good as the other guys on the dial with the small budget that they have.

With new Ofcom guidelines just published giving commercial radio more freedom to network their output from one central hub, this is the perfect time for community radio to come into it’s own and replace what used to be local radio stations. This gives community radio a chance to become truly local radio. With local news, traffic and community messages. Features that a network show cannot do. So make sure you sound the part.

We can work with your budget and produce either full station packages, one of ident’s, promos or commercials. If you’re a station that runs news, weather, sport, traffic, what’s on or community announcements we can create a suite of music beds that flow and tie into the rest of your station package. We can supply our free in-house voice over or you can choose one of the thousands of voice overs that are available. If you already have a station voice, we can work with those too.

What we can do for you

Station Imaging

Sweepers, Promos, Show Packages, Presenter id's we can brand every part of your on air sound.

Commercial Production

High quality comm prod with access to the same voice overs, music and fx as commercial radio stations.

Music Beds

Looking for News, Weather, Sport, Traffic, community info beds? We can do that also.


We don’t have a set number of packages and idents per say because every station and budget is different. You tell us what you want and we’ll work around the budget you have. Let us create your on air brand while you concentrate on doing what your station set out to do and that is to serve your community.

The Udder Media content team spend all day, every day creating audio branding for community radio stations up and down the UK. Whether you’re wanting a completely new sound, or maybe a new package for your radio show or presenter, we can create the perfect package at the right price. So get in touch and let’s chat.


Our best selling packages

Mini Pack
Our lowest priced package

5 idents. Mixed as sweeper, stager & dry versions.

Free in-house voice over

Double Mini Pack
Great value pack to suit all stations

10 idents, mixed as sweeper, stager & dry.

Free in-house voice over

Refresh your old station voice

You send us your dry voice session

We'll produce 10 new idents