Sung Jingles

Rich native English sung jingles produced in the Netherlands.


SONIC SPRING is the new name for stations that want to break away from the herd. 

Sonic Spring was founded by Maurice Verschuuren who has been an on-air personality and imaging director at all major leading stations in the Netherlands, one of the most highly acclaimed radio markets in the world.

Sonic Spring make each project as unique as possible. Handpicking world class artists and producers, combining their talent with true radio experience. Whether it’s sung jingles, re-sings or custom made station jingles. Instead of mass produced uniformity, they make tailored jingles that let you sound like a million bucks.

Udder Media & Sonic Spring

Udder Media & Sonic Spring have been official audio partners for the UK & Ireland over 5 years. If you’re looking for a jingle / jingle package for broadcast in the UK, get in touch and we can help you choose you’re next package through Sonic Spring.