The Udder Media Company | Jingles
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Are you ready for our Sung Jingles?

Amazing Rich Vocals

Our jingle singers are UK Native singers with rich, depth sounds.

Amazing Jingle tracks

No tinny sounding samples here, only the best instruments here.

Cost Effective

With loads of cuts for your money, including basic Id, ramps, shotguns & accapellas.

Stored in the Cloud

We upload all your cuts to our cloud and store them for easy access for 6 months.

Amazing rich vocals and tracks that blow you away!

Sung Jingles from the Netherlands.

We have teamed up with ‘Sonic Spring’ to bring you jingles with amazing vocals and tracks that put a lot of jingle companies to shame.

Sonic Spring’s jingles sound great out of ad breaks and the get you back into your music seamlessly. When you buy a jingle cut you don’t just get the basic Id, you get the ramp version, shotgun, instrumental and loads of accapella mix outs and different remixes. Our guys can’t leave them alone! 


Jingles Demo Coming Soon