The Udder Media Company | Commercial Production
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Commercial Production


From the main brief we can script your commercial. Our in-house script writers have written 100's of ad's for stations around the world


We can deal directly with your client from brief to on-air. We've just given you the gift of time. You're Welcome! 

We have a vast array of voices that we can call upon for your commercial. Male, Female, UK or USA, we choose the best voice for your ad campaign.

So why should you choose Udder Media to produce your commercials?

• We work with some of the best voices in the business.
• Clients can use our commercial briefing job sheets when speaking with customers to help them through the process.
• All our commercials sound like the ones you hear on commercial radio stations, no cheap sounds here.

Our radio commercials start from £25 to £120 – contact us for more information.


Our entry level commercial

Voice over & script supplied by client

We will add music & FX

Full Production mix down & delivery

We can also help script your commercial from your brief, for just £10.00 extra

Our basic commercial

One Voice Over

We add Music & FX

Full Production mix down & delivery

We can also help script your commercial from your brief, for just £10.00 extra

We do all the work

One Voice Over

We add music & FX

Full Production mix down & delivery

We deal with your client directly. Send us the brief and we'll do the rest!!!

Our production team have been producing commercials for many years and know what a great commercial sounds like. That’s why we have worked with some of the biggest radio groups and stations to produce compelling audio.

If your time is precious and the thought of having to go backward and forward from your client to your production company during production leaves you with a cold sweat, then we have the package for you. From the initial client brief, we can deal directly with your client, contacting them and helping them through the production process. The only time you’ll hear from us is when the commercial is ready for air. Leaving you more time to concentrate on your sales and your station.

Let Udder be your commercial production department. If you outsource your comm prod and S&P to Udder it leaves you more time to be out and about gaining more clients and reaching your monthly sales targets and beyond.

Please call us for a quote.